Your drinking water might still carry dangerous viruses and chemicals even after passing it through traditional filtering systems and if you truly want to separate drinking water from all types of contaminants then you should drink distilled water to stay safe from dangerous pollutants. Distillation causes water to evaporate during the boiling process and condense back into water during the condensation process, and thus ends up being physically separated from natural and manmade pollutants.

The water that arrives through taps leading into your home could carry several types of pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, as well as high levels of chlorine that is usually used to decontaminate the water. Your traditional water purifier might stop few types of pollutants while allowing certain dissolved pollutants to pass through, which in turn will eventually end up in your body to cause untold harm over time. Instead of trying to prevent pollutants from passing through, you should distill your tap water to kill bacteria and other viruses during the boiling process and leave behind unwanted pollutants during the vaporization and condensation process. Distillation has been used since centuries to prepare various types of alcohols and you can now use the same process with the help of a compact table top distiller to produce the purest form of water right in your own home.

If you are already a fan of bottled drinking distilled water then you need not lug those heavy bottles to your home at regular intervals. Instead, you will only need to purchase a home distiller that can provide you with several gallons of perfectly pure drinking water every day. If you have never engaged in distilling water before then you need not worry since you can get pure water that is extremely tasty and safe for drinking simply with the push of a button. You can choose from a wide range of brands of home distillers but if you truly want to buy an affordable and reliable home distiller then you should seek out the megahome distiller for your home. Megahome is not only a compact countertop distiller but also looks smart sitting on your table while delivering up to 16 gallons of pure drinking water each day.

While a traditional filter could contain bulky filters that would need regular cleaning and replacements that could prove to be expensive, a table top distiller such as megahome only contains a tiny post-distillation carbon filter that is extremely cost effective to use and replace. The entire distiller is housed in a smart-looking enameled housing that contains the entire kit that is made out of stainless steel and other heat resistant parts. These distillers are also portable and you can take them along when you are camping or hiking, provided you also have a portable power source. You can be assured that you will truly receive pure drinkable water each time you press the start button of your water distiller.

Lakes, rivers, springs, and wells all over the globe are under increasing attack due to rapid industrialization. Your body could become a host of unwanted chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals if you cannot prevent such pollutants from entering your body in the first place. Instead of relying on traditional filtration systems that do have few microscopic loopholes, you can sip on delicious distilled water with an efficient tabletop distiller and remain safe from dangerous pollutants for life.