The water that you consume out of your tap or through a traditional water filtering system could still be laden with dissolved heavy metals and chemicals as well as microscopic viruses, but you can still get the best in drinking water protection with a megahome water distiller. This innovative distiller can convert any type of water into absolutely clear and pure drinking water that is completely safe for consumption by you and your loved ones.

Megahome Co. is a reputed water distillation equipment manufacturing company based in Taiwan, and after capturing the local market with its innovative products, now exports its distillers to several countries around the world including the USA, UK, and most of Europe. The company also has a strong online presence that makes it extremely easy for you to browse through their range of domestic and commercial water distillers, and place an order with a few clicks of your mouse. If you truly want yourself and your family to remain protected from various types of natural and artificial pollutants that could be present in your drinking water then you should opt for a table top distiller to regain and retain good health in an economical manner.

You should simply browse through several advanced features offered by the megahome water distiller that has been especially created for home use. This home distiller is available in two attractive models that can supply up to a gallon or 4 liters of 100 percent pure drinking water per cycle. These models also feature automatic temperature control as well as automatic cut-off once all the water has been successfully distilled after each cycle. There are no costly filters or cartridges to clean or replace and you will be supplied with activated charcoal sachets for post-distillation to remove any odor that might be present in the water. You will anyway, be truly impressed with the excellent taste of distilled water since it is completely devoid of all unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, viruses, as well as undesired tastes and odors too.

You and your loved ones can now enjoy all the benefits of drinking distilled water even as this water flushes away harmful chemicals that could have accumulated in your vital organs in the past. If you have a large family and do not wish for a portable home water distiller then you can also opt for commercial models of water distillers offered by megahome. You can choose between various models that are available in the MH-500 and MH-600 series offered by this dynamic company. These models can deliver between 7 to 12 gallons or 30 to 48 liters of pure drinking water per day as compared to 4 gallons or 16 liters per day by their tabletop model. Their table top distiller is available with a one year warranty on parts and labor that might not be needed if you simply follow their instructions even as you get rewarded with 100 percent safe drinking water at the press of the start button.

Instead of relying on traditional water purification units that might not be able to prevent specific pollutants to pass into your drinking water, you should opt for a compact water distiller that simply removes all soluble and insoluble pollutants. You can easily choose from various water distilling models with a click of your mouse and get the best in drinking water protection with a megahome water distiller.