Every single year, you should receive a drinking water quality report detailing how safe exactly your supply of water is to consume. This assumes that you drink the water. Chances are that even if pollutants are located in the water, they won't harm you if you just use tap water to shower with. If you only drink bottled water or have an expensive water filter, then you will be fine. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency will have a report sent out to you by July 1 of each year, so you will get a yearly drinking water quality report featuring a list of the amounts of all the pollutants found in your water and if they are within safe levels.

A Matter of Health Safety

Without a drinking water quality report, you have no way of knowing how safe your water is to drink. With all of the news reports floating around about water pollution, you require the assurance that anything you drink won't cause you cancer. Unfortunately, there is a very real possibility that your neighbor Joe's extensive use of Advil will have some impact on the quality of your water, and there really isn't any way to clean up the water of medicinal traces yet, although cost effective treatment methods are being developed.

If you have a good drinking water quality report, then you don't need to worry about anything. If it shows up with high levels of pollutants, you'll want to look into drinking water quality control. You can take matters into your own hands by purchasing filters for your home. You don't even need to buy the types of filters that fit onto your kitchen sink either. There are large filters designed to take care of all pollutants for your entire home, and they are capable of cleaning hundreds of gallons of water each day. They don't cost too terribly much either, with many models only a few hundred dollars.

Remember, you'll receive an annual drinking water quality report delivered to you in the mail, although some areas around the country post the results online, so you'll want to check out where your results will be posted. Even if pollution is found in your water supply, there is no need to panic. With cost effective and cheap water filters available for residential homes, you can ensure that you'll always have a clean and steady supply of water to drink from.