When it comes to drinking bottled water, most people never stop and take the time to think about whether or not the company that bottled that water really cares about your health. On one level, maybe the company does not care but on another they are forced to care because of the safe drinking water act. The point behind the safe drinking water act is to make sure that water companies meet a certain level of guidelines in order to protect the health of consumers. While some bottled water companies go way above and beyond the laws to give you the absolute best in water, some companies just barely make it past the guidelines because they do not really care about drinking water safety.

This is way learning about the safe drinking water act is so important. By educating yourself on the ins and outs of the safe drinking water act, you are helping to make sure that you are picking the right bottled water companies to go with. You certainly do not want a company that barely squeaks by the safe drinking water act, as you would want the very best of the best. Of course, this means there is going to be some research on your end to accomplish this but in the end it is always worth it since it is your health on the line.

How To Do The Research

If you really want to dive in and go through all of the needed research to see which companies are the best when it comes to the safe drinking water act, there is going to be hard work. You will first need to figure out which of the bottled water companies you would be dealing with where you live as not all bottled water companies send their water bottles world or countrywide. Once you have established which are the biggest companies that distribute in your area, you can begin testing.

There are a lot of kits that you can pick up in the store or buy searching an online store. You can use these kits to make sure that the different companies are adhering to the safe drinking water act. This will also tell you which companies just barely make the grade and this is important to know because you will probably want to avoid those companies. The ones that are the best of the best are the ones that you will want to continue to use for your drinking water because they will certainly be the best for you in terms of health.