One of the things that people looking for a water filter or purifier will realize, is that many companies attempt to scare them into making a purchase by showing them just how dangerous their water is to their health and that of their family. Certainly, no one wants to allow their family to drink unsafe water, and a deluxe portable water purifier can help provide a safe supply. However, not all deluxe portable water purifier units work the same or have the same level of protection and choosing the wrong one could be sickening experience.

First, consider the quantity of water that will be required every day and the size of the filter. Also to be considered at the size of the filters used in the deluxe portable water purifier, remember that smaller is better and in some instances filters with holes as small as .4 microns will be required to remove potentially deadly bacteria and viruses from the water as well as those floating bits of metal and other materials.

Chances are, if the need for a deluxe portable water purifier is due to camping and traveling, no one want to take a chance on counting on a purifier to do a job, finding out later the filter size was not small enough to remove all the bacteria. This type of mistake can be a painful experience and could ruin an otherwise good time on the road.

Selecting Unit Based On Realistic Expectations

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a deluxe portable water purifier is they listen to often hyperbolic expectations of the unit. Their chosen system may be able to produce up to so many gallons a day, under optimal conditions, but fail to realize that the conditions probably will not be the same for all used. It is not until they run out of water regularly they realize the deluxe portable water purifier will not meet their needs.

The deluxe portable water purifier should also include a filtering system before the water goes into the purification mode and a portable water purification system will first filter the water of larger matter before it is purified. While many of the deluxe portable water purifier use chemicals to clean up the water, many people find the taste and odor unpleasant. While chemicals such as chlorine will kill any bacteria, it can also cause people to turn up their noses at the smell of the purified water.