When camping or hiking in a place where the individuals have to carry their equipment and food on their backs, it is essential to have a great water filter so that they do not have to pack the water in as well. Packing in the water is heavy, and when a backpack is already filled with the tent, clothing, cooking supplies and food, there is already a lot of weight to be carried in the pack. The PUR hiker water filter is designed to take care of that problem for hikers and campers. It is very lightweight and filters out even the densest sediment, doing so quickly and efficiently so that people can have the water they need when they need it.

Levels of Filtration PUR Hiker Water Filter

The PUR hiker water filter acts similarly to the PUR water pitcher filters in that there is more than one stage to the filtration process. When a person is out hiking or camping, the water will be in all different stages of contamination. In some cases, it will be very cloudy, but will not have any agricultural pollutants in it. In other cases, the water will look pure and clean but will contain microbes that are dangerous to the consumer, such as Giardia.

There is a pre-filter on the PUR hiker water filters that acts as a cleansing agent for the water. It removes the particles from the water that make it cloudy looking and can be adjusted to the level of filtration that is needed. This part of the PUR hiker water filter is ceramic and does not have to be used if the water is already fairly clear. The next part of the PUR hiker water filter is the glass fiber filter. The glass fiber filter takes out the dangerous particles in the water, such as the microbes listed above so that the person drinking the water can be sure not to get sick from it. There is also a charcoal filter that helps to remove any bad tastes from the water and further cleanses it for drinking.

The PUR hiker water filter will usually filter up to five hundred gallons for the glass fiber filter and about one hundred gallons for the carbon filter. Each of these has an anti-clog technology so that the particles in the water do not stop up the system and make it ineffective. In addition, the PUR hiker water filter is compatible with most of the hiking water bottles and hydration bladders so that it can easily be used to filter the water into those containers.