There are many health and monetary benefits from drinking filtered water. Many people will buy their filtered water in water bottles in the store so that they do not have to do it themselves and also have water that they can easily take on the go. However, these water bottles do not always contain better water than they can get from their tap, only being filtered though similar processes as a water filter that can be obtained in the store, such as PUR water filters. The water bottles are very expensive as well, costing at least four dollars per twenty four bottle case, which is barely over a gallon of water. In addition, there is a lot of plastic that is used in the water bottles which are either thrown away or put into a recycling bin, where a lot of expense is taken to recycle them.

Other Options with Water filter

There are many different types of water filters that can be bought to go in the home so that water bottles do not have to be used for filtered water. There are some water filters that go in a water pitcher so that the water is filtered as it drains into the main part of the pitcher. There are other filters that are attached to the faucet of the sink so that the water that passes through the faucet can be deferred to the water filter before passing out into the glass or pitcher. These tend to filter more water than the water pitcher version before needing replacement and are very cost effective, usually only costing about eight dollars per filter which will last over a month in most cases. This is a huge difference from the water bottles which will usually only last a week or less per case.

Another type of water filter that is on the market today is one that is placed under the sink and is attached to the pipes there. In this way, the water goes through the filter when the spigot for the filtered water is used, which is usually separate from the main water faucet. This type lasts even longer before needing replacement and will often filter out more of the pollutants in the water than the filters that are placed on the faucet. The most advanced kind of water filter on the market today is one that is attached to the pipes that come into the home so that all the water in the home is filtered water. That means that the clothing that is washed and the showers that are run are all using the filtered water rather than the kind that has the pollutants in it.