If you want to lead a healthy life, first thing that you will need is supply of safe drinking water. By safe drinking water we mean pure water, which is devoid of any sort of biological or chemical contamination. The reason being, water is a good solvent, and not only disease causing pathogens, harmful chemicals also get easily dissolved in water. To weed out any such impurities all you need is a good water filter system.

Choosing a good water filter system is also no child’s play. Hence, before you buy water filter system, compare the home water filters in a detailed manner and decide which suits you best. If some of the things confuse you, just go out and buy a Whirlpool home water filter. It has all the required qualities of a good water filter.

Points For Comparison Of Home Water Filters

- Installing a water filter is important, but what’s the point if it is too expensive. Always remember that expensive water filter does not mean it is the best one. Compare home water filter prices of different makes, which have similar filtering methods and decide which one you would like to buy.

- Well known brands of water filters are most visible because of the marketing efforts. This does not meant that water filters of lesser known companies are inferior. In fact, lesser known companies come up with better technologies. This is also an important point for home water filter comparison.

- Check whether the water filter system or device is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and NSF International. These agencies check the claims of companies before they sell their water filters in the market.

Types Of Water Filters

Activated Carbon Water Filters – Portable and do not need any installation. Filters out most of chemicals, chlorine, pesticides and parasites and make water safe for drinking.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters – Considered to be one of the most effective water filters. But recent studies show that prolonged use of water from these filters causes mineral deficiency. Compare with home water filters which provide similar results and then decide.

Carbon Block Filters – Just attach them to your tap and you are ready to consume the water. Also known to filter out radioactive elements, is cheap, and has the longest life span.

Shower head filter – Shower water contains chlorine, which causes damage to your hair, skin and eyes. This particular type of water filter makes the water soft and safe for shower purpose.