It is very easy and convenient to replace a refrigerator water filter cartridge since it usually only takes the press of a button for the old one to come out, making room for the new one. Refrigerator water filter cartridges only have to be replaced every six months, which sometimes can be difficult to remember. However, there are some services that the companies provide that will either send a reminder about replacing the water filter through mail or email, or they will actually set up a service in which a new filter arrives every six months. Sometimes individuals can find discount replacement water filters when there are sales or when they buy the water filters in bulk. Although they usually only come in a two to four pack, there are ways to buy more at a time and reduce the cost.

Choices In Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges

The choice in refrigerator water filter cartridges really comes down to the type of refrigerator the consumer has. If the refrigerator is a Frigidaire, the refrigerator water filter cartridge will have to be made specifically for the Frigidaire refrigerators. If the refrigerator is a KitchenAid or a Whirlpool, then the cartridges can be made by Whirlpool or by Brita and PUR. Many of the refrigeration companies will supply a search that allows individuals to put in the model of refrigerator that they have and it will tell them what types of filters can be used in their refrigerator. There are also some services that the water filter companies provide which send out emails reminding the consumer that it is time to get another water filter, since six months is a lot of time to forget.

The refrigerator water filter cartridge helps to remove some of the pollutants that make tap water displeasing to drink. There is often a smell or a taste to the tap water that makes consumers suspicious of its cleanliness. The water filters remove the chlorine that causes this smell and taste as well as filtering the water over natural minerals so that it has a fresh, crisp taste. These refrigerator water filter cartridges also help to filter out the heavy metals that can be so dangerous in certain parts of the country when consumed on a regular basis. The water filters will usually filter out the mercury or lead from the water so that it is pure again. These refrigerator water filter cartridges also help to filter out other sediments and pollutants that can be in the water, such as the agricultural and industrial waste that is sometimes in the water.