PUR water filters are well known for providing excellent water from the comfort of people's own homes. There are PUR water filters for refrigerators and others that are designed for the wild outdoors – PUR hiker water filters. There are even water filters that can be hooked to the water faucet or can be found in a convenient pitcher model. The PUR refrigerator water filters are convenient and useful since they go into the refrigerator where the water comes out and purify the water so that it tastes better to drink and is healthier for the individuals that use it.

Models and Uses Of PUR Refrigerator Water Filters

There are many different brands of refrigerators that can use the PUR refrigerator water filters in them. Whirlpool, KitchenAid and others can all use these filters. There are two different types of water dispensing units that are in the refrigerators, requiring a different water filter for each one. There is one type that has a push button and in-grille water so that it comes out automatically. There is another type that has a quarter turn in-grille water in the refrigerator. The price of the first model type of PUR refrigerator water filter is a little more expensive, costing about thirty-five dollars as compared to the thirty dollars of the other type. Both types of PUR refrigerator water filters will last about six months, which means that the user is only paying about five or six dollars per month to use the water filter, much less than bottled water costs.

Some of these filters in each of the two categories will filter out more things than others. There are many that filter out the chlorine so that the water tastes better overall. Most of the PUR refrigerator water filters will filter out heavy metals from the water, such as copper, lead, mercury and others, which can lead to serious health problems if consumed in great amounts. The PUR refrigerator water filters also filter out most sediments and microbial cysts, such as Giardia, which can be dangerous to a person's health. Agricultural pollutants can also be a problem in some water supplies, especially around farming communities, and most of the filters will remove these pollutants from the water supply before the consumer drinks it. There are also industrial pollutants that are filtered out by the PUR refrigerator water filters, thus removing waste that could be in the water from various industrial plants in the area.