There are refrigerator water filter cartridges that are made to fit the various styles and brands of refrigerators on the market today. There are some that have a push button in-grille system of dispensing the water and there are others that have a quarter turn in-grille system of water dispensing. There are refrigerator water filter replacements that work with each kind of refrigerator, as well as some that are designed to work with one particular brand of refrigerator. Frigidaire refrigerator water filter replacements are usually made just to fit their refrigerators and the Brita or PUR systems will not usually work with them. However, the Whirlpool and KitchenAid refrigerators will take not only the Whirlpool brand of water filter, but will also take the PUR or Brita brands that are developed as well.

Cost and Time Associated With Refrigerator water filter replacement

Many people buy water bottles as a source of pure water instead of using a water filter replacement for their refrigerator. This is a mistake in most cases since the water bottles are much more expensive and also produce waste for the environment. In addition, there are studies that show that some of the water in the water bottles is of the same level of purity as the tap water in certain cities. These facts make it ludicrous to continue to use the water bottles as a source of pure water when there are many other options on the market. Even if the user does not have a refrigerator that dispenses water, he can still buy other types of filtration systems such as the faucet filters or the pitcher filters which are just as convenient and effective.

The refrigerator water filter replacements cost about thirty dollars each, depending on the brand. Most will come in a pack where there are two to four of the filters, making it even more cost effective. When comparing the price of water bottles to the water filters, the water filters usually cost at least four times less than the water bottles. Water bottles cost at least four dollars per week for a case of twenty-four, whereas the refrigerator water filter replacements last for six months and cost about five dollars for the entire month. Water filters that are placed on the faucet or are a pitcher version do not last six months, but usually about two or three. However, the filter replacements are less expensive as well, making their cost per month about the same as the refrigerator water filter replacements.