One of the biggest drawbacks to installing a water purifier filter in your home is that you need to find enough room in your home to place it. However, you also need to find a large enough space that hooks into the main water line for your home. However, you can get a steady stream of clean, pure water for drinking with a countertop water purifier, which can supply enough water for drinking, washing food, and watering the flowers.

Easy to Install

A countertop water purifier is easy enough for anyone to install. You don't even need any tools to do so. You can hook it right up to the faucet, and it will work as soon as you turn the water on. Beyond any other benefit of a countertop water purifier, it is incredibly tiny, and you'll never need to worry about finding room for it. Also, countertop models are generally just a fraction of the price that you'd need to pay for larger models that hook up into your water line. However, you won't get the same rate of filtering with a countertop model. Because they're smaller, they obviously won't be able to provide water as quickly as more permanent models.

Because they're cheaper, you can more easily replace them if they break down. If you don't care about providing purified water for all of your water needs, such as washing your clothes or watering the lawn, then a countertop water purifier will meet your drinking and food needs. How do countertop water purifiers work to clean up your water though? There are a number of technologies that can work together to remove pollutants from the water, although these are somewhat limited by the size constraints of countertop models.

UV water purifiers help to clean your water by shooting UV rays (the same that cause you to get sunburn) into the water. While that idea might not sound too healthy, the UV rays simply dissipate, and what you're left with is water uncontaminated by bacteria. However, it doesn't remove excess minerals or metals, but a water softener can take of this problem. Another cheap alternative is a carbon filtering countertop water purifier, which uses carbon molecules to attract negatively charged water pollutants to stick to each molecule. You might be familiar with this filtering technique if you've used them in aquariums to clean the water.

Countertop water purifiers perfectly balance cost, performance, and size for those home owners who don't want to install a more permanent solution. You may want to go with larger models if you plan on excessive use, such as using the water filters for your entire home, including baths, washing machines, and filling the aquarium. However, countertop water purifiers work as well as larger models, just on a smaller scale.