Anyone who has ever lived in the country and used a well as their primary source for water understands the need for home well water filtration. Regardless of the appearance of the water, there is bound to be particles suspended in the water that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but the bare tongue will most likely taste their preference. Even with a lack of bacteria or viruses in the water, some organic and non-organic particle in the water will have an affect on its taste.

In most instances, a well is drilled to more than 100-feet and in many cases much deeper. This is needed to get below the water table in the immediate area, but also allows for many foreign materials to seep through the natural filters of the ground above the well. A home well water filtration system can eliminate a majority of these particles of partially dissolved metals and other items, but may not be enough to remove any unpleasant odor or taste.

Some folks with a home well water filtration system will also use a portable water purifier to insure their water is safe to drink as they remove any harmful bacteria that may not be removed the home well water filtration system. In general, the smaller the filter the smaller the particles that will be collected in the filter, but many of the dangerous microbes are too small to be affected by the average filter.

Filters Should Be One Step More Than Required

To insure a continuous supply of safe water, a home well water filtration unit should use filters slightly better than recommended, following a test of the water. Testing should not only be for heavy particle in the water, but also for bacteria, viruses and protozoa that may get into the well water and subsequently into the home.

Most filters sold commercially are typically about one micron in size but with most bacteria being much smaller, a home well water filtration systems that uses .4 micron filtering will generally capture most of the harmful elements in the well water.

Additionally, if the property on which the well is drilled is adjacent to a farm or other industry, some of the chemicals they use will leak into the well. Many of these can be removed with a home well water filtration system, helping to keep the water safe from the environmental pollutants often found in well water.