When you're out camping or anywhere else that is away from an easily accessible source of clean water, you need to find some way to purify any water before you drink it. If you don't, you're liable to become ill, and some serious toxins could enter your body if you don't. Traditionally, extensive boiling of water did a good job of killing any biological dangers in the water, but it didn't do much at all to remove various metals and other contaminants in the water. With a water bottle purifier, you can get fresh, clean water, wherever you go.

Drink Straight from Dirty Rivers

Water bottle purifiers have become so efficient in recent years that people have begun recording themselves drinking straight from dirty rivers, such as those found in third world countries, with a variety of these water bottle purifiers. Without first purifying the water, they would be prone to picking up all sorts of diseases, many of them life threatening. However, water purification is incredibly efficient nowadays, and you can get it for just a few dollars.

A number of features are working together for your health and safety in water bottle purifiers. The first line of defense is the straw, which aims to keep all sorts of bugs and critters out of the bottle itself. Around rivers, streams, and any other open body of water, there are many insects and similarly small organisms which would otherwise be able to get into your water bottle. Next, advanced filtration systems work to remove all biological specimens and excess minerals from the water. Water bottle purifiers include all of the technologies present in countertop water purifiers for the home in a smaller package, but where the latter primarily removes minor health risks from your water supply, water bottle filters need to protect you from some of the most awful diseases out there. In a world where you can get a dozen diseases from a single sip of water, 99.9% filtration just doesn't cut it anymore.

If you're looking to go on a camping trip, here or abroad, anytime soon, then there is no easier or more effective way to clean your water. By purchasing one of these portable filters, which you can easily slip into a backpack or duffel bag, you're protecting yourself from all sorts of nasty pathogens and diseases. Even if these bottles cost a hundred dollars or more, you can't slap a price tag on your health, and the best way to protect yourself against dirty water is to use a water bottle purifier.