There are many variables involved in providing clean drinking water in a home, including the number and type of bacteria the water contains, as well as the amount of organic and inorganic matter that is found in the supply. A house filtration system can be installed to take out only a small amount of particles in the water or as fine as to remove any harmful bacteria as well. One of the main advantages of a house filtration system compared to filters on individual faucets is that the plumbing throughout the entire house is better protected against damage.

From the faucets and their parts to the pipes themselves, materials floating loosely in the water can cause damage. They can also form into sediment in trap along seldom-used water lines and get stuck in faucet washers, allowing them to wear out faster than normal. With a house filtration system the laundry will typically come out cleaner without the sediment becoming stuck in the fabric and the amount of detergent used will also be reduced to provide the same level of cleaning power.

There are many types of filters on the market, many for single faucet use that filters the water as it comes out of the tap. Many filters are also made part of pitchers for the occasional gallon or so of drinking water but a house filtration system can eliminate the need and expense of these isolated filters.

Filtering Provides Clean Water Everywhere

It may be enough in some households for filtered water to be available from a limited number of faucets. However, by allowing the unfiltered water to flow into a commode, for instance, the price to replace the parts more frequently may make installing a house filtration system a better bargain. In many instances, a whole house water filtration system will save more money in the long run than installing individual faucet filters.

There are numerous benefits to installing a house filtration system, especially if it is used in conjunction with a water purification system. Water without all the extra particulate matter flowing around in it is easier to purify and if using an ultraviolet purification system will be a must for appropriate purification.

Installing a water softener may be a good start to a house filtration system, but they are designed to soften the water by removing iron from the water. Other particulate may not be eliminated by using brine to remove the metal suspended in the water whereas a house filtration system will remove much more than just the iron.