One of the best things to have been invented in the modern world is the water filter. We are a world obsessed with thirst and in particular with the bottled water that can be found by the ton on our grocer’s shelves. The reason that we love our bottled water is because it is supposed to be better filtered than that of regular tap water. However, in reality the tap water that comes from you faucet is thoroughly filtered and sometimes just as good to drink as the water that comes in the fancy plastic bottles. But, if you still want to ensure that your water is filtered of all impurities, then you can invest in one of the many types of a water filtration filter that are on the market.

Filter Types

In water plants a variety of a water filtration filter exist. For example many plants use one or many of the following filters to keep their water clean: media filters, sand filters, cloth filters, or disc filters. These are good at filtering most impurities that can occur naturally in the water sources that we use.

In home water filtration filters can come in a variety also. One can find a water purifier faucet head that has a carbon filter included in it, and these are relatively simple to install and very easy to use. However, if you do not want to use something permanent, then you can invest in one of the many low cost jug filters that exist on the market for home use. These mainly have carbon or some type of ceramic water filtration filters to reduce the lime scale and lead that can sometimes be found in tap water.

You can also find portable water filtration filters that fit into a reusable plastic bottle for the people that want clean water when they are on the go. There are also ways to create your own homemade water filter. In order to learn how to make them you only have visit you local library or do a quick Google search on the internet.

No matter what type of water filtration filter you choose to use, one thing is for sure. Having clean drinking water available at all times is essential to the health and well being of we humans and our animal friends. Thanks to technology, the options are endless and are growing exponentially by the day no matter where one may live on this planet we call Earth.