One of the newest types of water filtration systems is a UV water purifier. These are great substitutes for the other water filtration systems that use carbon and can sometimes put black flecks of the material into your drinking water. They are unique in how they operate, and with everyone trying to go green, these are the wave of the future in the world of water filtration filters. How UV Water Purifiers Work UV purifiers are simple in how they work to kill the microorganisms in water that can make people and animals sick if exposed to them. No matter what type of UV purifier that you purchase they all use relatively the same technology. The water is exposed to an ultraviolet light ray that kills the majority of harmful microorganisms in water. The light is not harmful to humans but to viruses, spores, mold, and other yucky things in water, it is lethal. Advantages of UV Water Purifiers The technology that is used in these types of purifiers has many advantages. Besides being greener for the earth because of the little waste that these filters generate, they are also inexpensive compared to other types of water filtration systems. It is also uses no chemicals and this can only make a mom or dad feel better about giving their little one clean drinking water that has been exposed to an UV water purifier. Anything that is chemical free in this world that we live in can only be better in the long run for one’s health. Many different areas of the world use UV water purifiers. Places such as swimming pools, hospitals, laboratories, and even the water bottle distribution companies use this technology to keep their areas and products safe from harm. Water filters are going to be around for a long time because of the degrading world that we live in today. Using this type of technology is best if one can find it. One place that you can find an abundance of UV water purifiers is on the internet. Many different websites offer a huge array of not only household sized purifiers but also those that you can carry with you while you are on the trail or just jogging in the neighborhood. Thanks to this revolutionary technology you can have clean drinking water in your hands quickly and easily if you only take the time to invest in an UV water purifier that can be found easily by just letting your fingers do the walking.