Areas of use for distilled water

The major use is for drinking water. For better health, to avoid bearing
home mineral water in bottles or simply because one wants to drink pure water.

But there are many other areas of use:
Various veterinary uses
Coffee and tea tastes better and the cafeteria is not furred up
Battery water for vehicle batteries
Water for humidifiers to prevent furring up
Truck water – instead of buying expensive battery water
For steam irons and steam presses in laundries
Radiator water for cars to prevent furring up of the cooling system
For your own perfumes, cleaning fluids and the like
The food industry for fluids which must not throw a deposit
Advanced aquarium maintenance
Photographic solutions
Various uses in industry
For sale:
Many companies today sell ”demineralised” or ”de-ionised” water,
a poorer version of distilled water. Such water is not distilled so can contain lots
of bacteria. Retailers can replace such water with properly distilled water they can
make themselves to a cost lower than that of the the freight associated with buying in and re-selling. Packaging can be obtained from local suppliers.
This can be done by the following businesses:
Essence retailers – water to dilute alcohol with (using tap water throws a deposit)
Film processors, etc for making up solutions
Garages and petrol stations for battery top up
Trucking companies
Companies selling chemicals on a small scale
Health shops
Distilled water for use with contact lenses must be double distilled.
i.e. the same water is distilled once and then distilled again.
Carbon filters must not be used.
Contact lenses