Everybody knows the importance of consuming pure water on day to day basis. A water filter thus has become one of the most important appliances in a kitchen. Whirlpool Appliance is one of the leading home appliances company in the world, which also manufacture water filters for home use. Whirlpool home water filtration division of the company produces home water filtration products for homes.

The beauty of Whirlpool home water filter products is they allow essential minerals such as fluorides to pass through the filtration process. A fluoride is one of the most essential mineral in out body needed for healthy teeth and bones. Other home water filters are not able to distinguish essential minerals in water against impurities. But Whirlpool’s home water filter product very intelligently takes care of these things. The important thing to be remembered here is, Whirlpool’s home water filter easily separates mercury, chlorine, dirt, rust, lime scale and other unwanted chemicals from your drinking water, which most water filters are unable to do.

One of the most innovative line-up of Whirlpool’s home water filters is its water and ice purifier. We may be careful with water we drink, but are most negligent with water from which we make ice. It is important to remember that ice is also made up of water and can cause diseases similar to contaminated water. Whirlpool’s home water and ice filter easily can be attached to your refrigerator, which will provide you with pure and crystal clear ice and water.

Each of Whirlpool’s home water filter product is designed in such a way that it can process 200 gallons of water or function for six months without changing the filter. Filters or membranes of water filters of other brands need to be changed every three months or after 100-150 gallons of water has been processed. If you have large family then consider how much you will end up spending on just changing the filters. Within a year of installation of the filter, you will end up sending an equal amount on just replacement of filters or membranes. Whirlpool’s home water filter in such a case would be best bet.

Product Line-up Of Whirlpool Home Water Filters

The home water filter product line-up of Whirlpool is divided into four categories. Whirlpools under sink home water filter products can be attached to kitchen faucets dispensing pure and safe drinking water. Apart from these, Whirlpool’s home water filter products can be used to filter water centrally (main supply line), refrigerator and ice and whole house water filtration. Are you still undecided?