If you truly want your loved ones to drink water that is 100 percent safe for drinking then you can certainly make a wide decision with waterwise water distiller. This innovative water distiller offers several models to help you to produce completely safe drinking water at the press of a button.

Most water filtering units for home use can eliminate up to 99 percent of harmful contaminants such as dangerous chemicals and heavy metals including radon, lead, mercury, copper, etc, as well as several types of bacteria and other viruses. However, they cannot eliminate or stop all types of pollutants from entering your drinking water and do end up providing water with an unpleasant after-taste that also affects the taste of your teas and coffees. On the other hand, distilling eliminates all types of bacteria, cysts, and other viruses while ensuring that all other chemicals and heavy metals are left behind while delivering 100 percent safe drinking water to you and your family. While drinking distilled water, you will also notice one factor that you might have never noticed before, and that is the wonderful taste of pure drinking water.

While there are several brands and models of water distillers in actual and online stores, one iconic brand that offers several models to suit all types of distilled water needs is waterwise. This Florida based company offers total water solutions under one roof and you should browse through various distilling units that can suit your home as well as your budget. If you have a normal-sized family and need a distiller that is portable, then you can look at their Model: 4000 table top distiller. This compact water distiller has a stainless steel vessel enclosed in a stylish body and sports a glass collection vessel. You can easily produce around 6 gallons or 24 liters of pure drinking water each day and can carry this distiller around, although you will need a power source to use it. For your premium needs, waterwise offers their Model: 8800 that is a programmable distiller with a multi-function LED display. This model can deliver 6 gallons or 24 liters of water in a day and you can simply fill up the unit at night and switch it on to receive clear and pure drinking water that can be used to make teas, coffees, soups, or even be used in your cooking, apart from catering to your drinking water needs too.

For your small-sized family, this company offers their Model: 9000 that can truly distill water in a classy way. You will surely fall for its smart looks even as you produce 5 gallons or 20 liters of water in a 24-hour period. For your larger needs, waterwise offers their Model:7000 that is constructed completely out of stainless steel for long life. All their models come with a 1 year warranty except their Model:7000 that comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and labor as well as a 15 year warranty on stainless steel. You should visit select websites to browse over the entire collection of these durable and smart home water distillers before you make an informed decision.

You and your family should never compromise on your health, and by buying a water distiller for your home, you can truly indicate to your loved ones that you do care for them. Instead of ending up with a low-priced or low-quality water distiller for your home, you can simply make a wide decision with waterwise water distiller.