When there is something that a lot of people start doing, such as drinking bottled water, it is no wonder that rumors are going to start flying. The worst always comes from the emails that you have probably received from your friends and family. These are the emails that get sent with good intention but are actually nothing more then rumor spreading because most of the time, the so called good advice being sent is nothing more then a bunch of lies. This is true of the rumors of drinking hot bottled water as people claim that you can die from it.

The fact is though that there is no possible way that a bottle water left in a car or a room that is warm could get hot enough to change the plastic bottle to the point of poisoning the water. This is nothing more then a myth and there has yet to be one person that has been able to prove that drinking hot bottled water can lead to illness or even a death. This even goes for the rumors about drinking old bottled water. While nothing lasts forever, the age of your bottled water is probably fine so you do not have to worry about the dangers of drinking hot bottled water or water that is old.

How To Determine Truth From Rumors

When it comes to bottled water, the rumors seem to be endless as so many people are against the whole water movement. In order to protect yourself though, you should always check out claims against bottled water that you have never known before. If you cannot say for a fact that it is false, you certainly cannot dismiss it all together. So to protect yourself and everyone in your family including your friends you may be forced to do a little homework.

Whenever you hear another rumor about bottled water whether it is about drinking hot bottled water or something else along those lines, start to research. After enough research you will be able to come out of the crowd with facts instead of fiction. You will feel better knowing that you did not fall victim to the lies and you will be able to ease the fears of people around you. Imagine how many bottles have been thrown out because someone was scared to go drinking hot bottled water, no matter how thirsty they were when they threw that bottle away.