If you are going to invest your hard earned money in buying a countertop water filter system then you must ensure that you only buy a quality product. The good news is that this need not necessarily mean that you will end up paying an arm and a leg for getting the right quality countertop water filter system. It only in fact requires following a few helpful tips that will show you how to purchase the most appropriate countertop water filter system for your home.

Avoid Big Brand Names Of Countertop Water Filter System

To begin with, you can try looking at products that do not sport a big name; contrary to popular conception, big name countertop water filter systems are not always the best or even the most effective. There are in fact numerous negatives to picking well known branded countertop water filter systems because much of the appeal is based on heavy advertising and clever marketing strategies.

So, it pays to also look at the less well known branded countertop water filter systems because many of them actually provide you with some very decent products that will serve you as well if not better than the big brand names.

In any case, the ideal countertop water filter system must be one that uses multi-faceted approach to water filtration and which uses more than one filtration technology which in turn ensures that contaminants of various sizes (minute to large) are removed with the help of each separate technology.

The more number and types of contaminants that a countertop water filter system can remove the better it is for you though at the same time you need to beware of systems that profess to remove a huge number of contaminants. It is better to go according to different groups of contaminants including VOC and THM.

Also, if you want a better deal on your countertop water filter system then it pays to shop for them online where manufacturers even sell products at factory prices which means that you the consumer are saved from having to pay retail prices which means saving up to twenty percent off the list price.

An under sink water filter system can prove to be a boon or even a bane. This means that you have to be especially careful about which product you buy and unlike in the case of countertop water filter systems you may be better served in sticking with the big brand names.