Those who are not fond of how their water tastes or smells may be interested in whole house water purification to insure that every place from which water is drawn meets their safety requirements. Depending on the soil around a water well, the water can pick up the taste and odor of the sediment through which it passes on its way to the pump and into the home. In many cases, filtering can remove the particles floating in the water, but a whole house water purification unit can help rid the water of any unwanted smell or taste.

However, even if the water has no odor and a pleasant clear taste, there may be hidden microbes in the water that can cause a host of health issues. Instead of installing purification filters on certain taps in the home, a whole house water purification unit will provide clean water to every faucet. Even the bathtub and commode deserves to have clean water and it can also prevent some of the damage they suffer by using less than clean water.

Those who water their lawns frequently or use their water for non-consumption may consider having a bypass available. All water that passes through a whole house water purification unit will leave some deposits on the filters of the units. If the quality of water is not going to matter in the end, it makes no sense to use precious filters that will return nothing.

Remember Difference Between Filtered And Purified

For all intents and purposes, the difference between filtered water and purified water is about .3 microns. Home water filters, especially those used on faucets and in pitchers, are usually only about one micron in size. This size will effectively remove many floating deposits in the water of dirt and most metals, but the holes are too large to provide whole house water purification. Although a home water filtration system will be needed to put clean water in the purification side of the unit, they generally do not work as purifiers for the water.

Effective purification filters are as small as .4 microns, small enough to trap even the smallest biological hazards that be swimming through the water looking for a new home to infect. A reverse osmosis whole house water purification will trap nearly all of the microbes in the water, but them, as well as they work, the filter will need to be cleaned frequently to remain functional.