When a family is in need of clean water that is also safe to drink, they will want to look into finding the best portable water purifier that fits into their budget. However, letting price dictate the quality and durability of a water purifier may not be the best approach if the unit does not meet the family's needs. The amount of water that can be made safe to drink by the best portable water purifier will need to be large enough to provide everyone with quality water and yet not so large that more water is purified than is needed.

Consider the needs of the people that will be using the best portable water purifier they can find and how long it will take to purify the water. A portable ultraviolet water purifier may offer some of the easiest ways to kill bacteria in the water, but it can take several hours for them to do their job. When camping they can be filled with water of questionable quality in the morning and be ready to drink at night, but may not be the best portable water purifier to meet the need for a steady supply of water.

There are many different types of purifiers and water filters on the market, each designed to perform at different levels. The amount of water they push through their systems will also vary and the best portable water purifier may not have to produce thousands of gallons a day. Some of the best portable water purifiers will only pump out a few gallons of water a day, but that might be enough to meet the needs while camping or traveling.

Have Safe Water Without The Heavy Load

Before portable water purification units were developed, people heading on a camping trip or hiking had to carry several gallons of water with them. If they ran out and used water from a lake or stream, they could choose to take a chance on the water being helpful or use the then best portable water purifier methods known…boiling.

As the water boils any disease-carrying bacteria will be killed. The main problem is sitting by the pot of boiling water, waiting for it to boil and then waiting for it to cool before it can be consumed. Today, some of the best portable water purifier units can be carried in a back pack and used whenever safe water is needed, in virtually any quantity to meet everyone's needs.