If you are one of the millions who are starting to take notice that water is not only good for a great complexion but that it helps you stay healthy and fit, then you are probably also buying water in bottles. If you are a consumer of the bottled water there are some important things that you always need to take into consideration. First of all, bottled water is not just bottled water and if you do a little taste test you will find that the different companies all have water that tastes different. While there are plenty of benefits of drinking bottled water, there are things to ponder over.

If the water does not taste the same from one company to the next there could only really be one of two reasons why that would be happening. There is the plastic to consider and a safe drinking water bottle company would know not to put their water into plastic that is going to affect the taste of the water. A safe drinking water bottle company would also have concerns about whether or not any of the chemicals from the plastic are getting into your water, as that may be what you taste. Also, a safe drinking water bottle company would never have to add anything into your water so check the ingredients for things such as added sodium and so on.

Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself

If you notice that the water from the safe drinking water bottle company seems a little odd you may want to have it tested. While you can shell out the big bucks to take the water from what you thought was a safe drinking water bottle company, there is certainly a much cheaper way to go about the whole thing. There are kits that you can find online if you search long enough that can test any water that you want tested as it would be a do it yourself kit. Sometimes you can even luck out and find these kits in the stores but you are more likely to have an easier time to find them online.

Once the water is tested and you find that there is something in the water that should not be in there from a safe drinking water bottle company, your first priority is to alert them. You can call the supposedly safe drinking water bottle company and advise them of your findings. If they were not already aware of it, this may make them run their own testing and possible fix the problem. In the meantime you can filter your own water at home and wait to see if the safe drinking water bottle company really ever becomes safe again.