Large groups of campers may want to consider buying, or at least renting a portable water purification system to insure they have enough safe drinking water for everyone in their group. These types of units can be especially helpful when the supply of drinking water in remote locations is questionable at best, and they will not have to worry about hauling a truckload of water on their journey. In many remote areas, a water filtering system just will not be enough as many do not filter small bacteria or viruses out of the water and although it may be clean, will still cause health problems.

Additionally, there are two effective means of killing bacteria in water without using a portable water purification system. One is by boiling the water and the other is by using chemicals such as chlorine or iodine, which can leave a bad taste and odor in the water. Most filtering systems only remove large particles floating in the water, but a portable water purification system will remove many of the disease-causing bacteria without the smell and taste of chemicals.

Homeowners may occasional have a need for a portable water purification system if their home water supply does not meet their expectations of quality. For example, well water is commonly infested with numerous bacteria that can be killed with chlorinization, but the chlorine leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the users. A portable water purification system can be used to create a pitcher or two of clean water that is safe for human consumption.

Water Purifiers Offer Protection For Health

There may also be times when the municipal water system has a broken water line and boiling advisories are issued, meaning that harmful bacteria may have gained access to the water supply. Instead of boiling away the bacteria, a quality portable water purification system for the home can clean up the water to make it safe.

Those who suffer from repeated water problems may want to buy the best portable water purifier they can afford during the times when the water supply is contaminated. However, if the system cannot remove the smallest microbes or bacteria, even the best for the money may not be good enough.

Persons using a portable water purification system will want to insure it is capable of removing everything down to about .4 microns, which will block most of the disease-causing bacteria from their water. These units also filter out other metals and products that also affect the taste of the water without the use of chemicals.