Following a major catastrophe, some communities use portable water purification units to provide safe water for the public. These units are usually hooked to trucks and provide water faster and in larger quantities than trucking in the water from an outside source. Using these much larger portable water purification systems, water from a local source can be filtered for sediment and purified against bacteria without having to leave before the local population has sufficient water for their needs.

In some instances, the portable water purification units are moved around a community to minimize the travel required by those affected by the disaster. During times of heavy flooding or following massive storms, the residents may want to work on cleaning up the mess but have to travel long distances and haul back gallons of water for drinking. Until public utilities are restored, many communities will lack their usual supply from their water treatment plants and will have to count on portable water purification systems for their water.

On a smaller scale, people may not have an adequate supply of clean water from their wells and can use portable water purification systems to remove bacteria from their well water. Although it may be safe to use for cleaning or cooking, small parasites that can live in water can be removed by the use of portable water purification devices on an as-needed basis.

Remote Job Sites Need Clean Water Too

Some construction companies, especially those that build in remote areas, are finding that portable water purification units can provide their workers with clean, safe water on the job. Instead of the company or the workers having to load their vehicles down with gallons of water from home, they can bring in a portable water purification unit to provide all the safe water they need, drawing the water from a local source.

Water users without the time needed to pass water through a filtering system and then through a portable water purification unit might consider using a deluxe portable water purifier to meet their needs. These units are under strict control and once the questionable water is added to the first section of the unit, they do all the work, spitting out clean, fresh water on the other end.

A steady supply of bad water connected to the initial filtering section of these units provides a steady stream of clean water that make this type of portable water purification system the most convenient, especially for larger quantities of water.