There are many different PUR water filter systems to choose from on the market today. There are some that hook up to the faucet of the sink so that the water can be diverted through the filter when the water will be used to drink. There are other filters that are designed for use with the refrigerators that dispense water from them so that the water is pure and clean. There are also PUR water filter pitchers available so that the water can filter into the pitcher while it sits in the refrigerator so that it is cold and ready to drink whenever the person wants it. There are even PUR water filters that are designed to be taken on camping trips so that the water at the campsite can be filtered rather than having to pack the water into the site.

Levels of Filtration With PUR Water Filter Pitcher

The PUR water filter pitcher is designed to filter the water in two stages, thus giving the water the most filtration in comparison to the other styles of filters, with the exception of the hiking filter. The price of replacing the PUR pitcher's water filter is very reasonable, costing about nine dollars and the filter will last about two months on average. This is very cost effective when considering the cost of buying water bottles to gain filtered water. The PUR water pitcher filter costs about four fifty per month, whereas the case of twenty-four water bottles which lasts about a week costs that same amount, thus giving the user about four times more value for his money.

The PUR water filter pitcher helps with the taste and odor of some types of tap water so that the individual can better enjoy drinking it. It will also filter out the heavy metals in the water so that the person is not affected by them any longer, such as mercury and lead. There is also sediment that is filtered out by the PUR water pitcher filters in addition to the microbial cysts such as Giardia which can cause illness. There are also industrial pollutants that can get into the city's water supply and is not filtered out by the city adequately. In agricultural communities, there is sometimes a problem with pollutants from the fertilizer or pesticides that are used in the area getting into the water supply in small amounts. These PUR water pitcher filters help to take care of all of these issues so that the consumer is left with pure water to drink.