Homeowners who find they need to install several filters on individual faucets throughout the house may be better served with a whole house water filtration system. These units catch all the water as it enters the home, filters it appropriately and then send it out to every faucet in the home, as well as the bathtub and commode. The argument that it is a waste of money to filter water that is only going to be flushed away is not a sound one, as filtered water will help all of the plumbing parts cleaner allowing them to last longer.

Especially in houses that pull their water from a home well water filtration can remove many of the impurities that seep into the well and into the home's water supply. While it may not be necessary in the hunting cabin out in the woods that has a well, homes that are also connected to many different appliance can use a whole house water filtration system to insure that all of the water they use is clean and safe. It is important to provide clean water for all uses and not only for water used for drinking.

A whole house water filtration unit is fairly simple to connect, as it attaches to the input line from the water source, before the water enters the rest of the house. All of the water going to hot water heater will be filtered and every faucet in the house will spit out the same quality of water as the tap in the kitchen.

Saves On Plumbing Work Over Time

Over the years, dirty water can clog up many small orifices in numerous devices and appliances, costing money for repairs and replacement parts. By insuring only filtered water is used, many of these repairs can be eliminated. It can also save on doctor bills from family members accidentally ingesting water that is not connected through a whole house water filtration device.

For those that have multiple faucets treated with individual filters, after the cost of each unit and the price of replacement filters for them all are calculated, a whole house water filtration system may end up being cheaper to maintain. All of the water's filters can be changed by replacing or cleaning the one on the whole house water filtration system instead of taking the time to buy and replace them all individually. With the reduce long term costs, a better quality filtering system may also be within the budget.